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I have been doing some loom knitting and tonight I finished another hat. This one actually fits someone's head older than 2 years. However, my head is killing me now.

I was watching The Colbert/Stewart election special last night around 11 pm when they announced that Barack Obama would be our next president. I could barely contain my excitement and I spent much of the even on our porch, listening to the crowds next door celebrating. I could have gone to the election party, but I really felt like spending the evening alone with the news. A lot has changed these past two years and much of that has been caused by our government's policies, both international and domestic. We need someone we can believe in and find an aura of strength to help our country through these times.

As today is my day off, I have begun my holiday crafts. I'm crafting all of my gifts this year (well most of them) and I started with my niece, Sandie.

Have a good afternoon! Go and enjoy the weather!


Musica Nueva

Tonight I was able to deposit my paycheck and I decided that I would get myself a new mp3 player. My iPod took a nosedive when I saw the infamous sad faced icon with a warning symbol. Deciding to stray away from Apple this time, I picked out a rather inexpensive Phillips 4 G mp3 player. I figure that since I had my iPod for a good 3 years, this one would last for a while.

It's pretty nifty and does the trick for what I want it for. I don't like a lot of crazy doodads simply because I usually forget to use them. I would much rather have simple mechanics and than bells and whistles.

Well with a new player, I decided to look into some new music.

One band that really seems to fit well in my life spectrum at the moment is Old Crow Medicine Show.

A bluegrass group hailing from Nashville, these guys have really blown me away. Now and then, I like to dip into alt-country and bluegrass and this is definitely a pool I will be dipping into regularly.

The band's website.

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