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A Response

 I received some not so pleasant emails from someone who found my Cozies For A Cause website. It could have been through Bust Magazine's link pages or Planned Parenthood...I don't know or care. But here was my response.

" Yo, I understand completely that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that's just peachy keen, but I have a right to my own as either don't look at the website and do your own thing, or shut your pie hole. Maybe in your opinion I am a "sinner" and I will burn in the "deep, dark depths of the Devil's underground" (your words, not mine)...but I'll take my chances. Maybe damnation isn't so bad. Hell (no pun intended), start an abstinence something productive with your passion for the lack of booty action. That's cool in my book and I'll donate. If giving 10 bucks will keep you from bugging me then it's worth it. Have a good one, bro.

I'm just sayin'.

Ok, so maybe  he does.

All I have to say can be summed up with this video:

Well I have ANOTHER job as of yesterday...which is a thrill of course.  I also got my back paycheck and had a nice visit with my mumsy and grammie. We decided it would be a good idea to see a movie and what do they want to see? Sex In The City. Yes. Possibly one of the most awkward movies to see with your mother and grandmother. Oy. Wait, I take that back. Here is a list of movies I have seen with them:

1. American Beauty -  Great movie, but try explaining that to a confused mother.
2. Magnolia -  Strange. Frogs?
3. Something About Mary -   "OH MY GOD. WHAT IS THAT YOUNG LADY PUTTING IN HER    HAIR? Well that is just TOO much." Nothing is more awkward                                                         than  listening to your grandmother chuckle over a                                                                                 masturbation joke.
4. Sex In The City - Enough tits? I swear if I have to look at the boy/girl looking                                 redhead's  chesticles one more time I might poke my eyes out.

I am in love with the following artists this week:
1. Neko Case
2. Jolie Holland
3. Nickel Creek
4. Elton John
5. A Tribe Called Quest

That is all.

So I've embarked on a fundraising project these last couple weeks. It's called Cozies For A Cause and it's a safe sex campaign that raises money for HIV/AIDS Services, Inc. of Grand Rapids, MI and Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan. At $5 bucks a pop, I am hand sewing and making felt condom "cozies" and all the proceedsare going to the two organizations.

Check 'er out.