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Now, I was never one to believe in love at first sight. I think that's a bunch of hullabaloo. Bullhonkey. Bologna, if you will. I do, however, believe that on a first date you can tell if there is a spark or not. The said "spark" can come in many forms. It would possibly be a moment of eye contact, simple common interests and intellectual ideals, or it could be an animal like need to climb on each other while ripping your clothes off. The last one is obviously the most fun. Is it fair mold your outlook of a possible relationship based on a lack of "sparks"?

After a rather unsucessful date, I began to think about my additude regarding this topic. Let's just put the situation I was in out there to air dry. Mr. X (which will be his name from now on) is a great guy. He really is. X is one of those men that makes a great boyfriend for someone who needs a lot of attention. I am not that girl. I don't like being fawned over and mussied with. It weirds me out.

I guess I just need to keep on looking.

I have died my hair every color under the sun. I never seem to keep it one shade for very long and it's fun trying something new.

This time it's bright red and I'm LOVING IT. Now I can be firey and snappy but blame it on my hair rather than my period.

<3 Jenny

Oh Spring!

I love spring and I am enthusiastically waiting for the day when I can wear a skirt and a top without having to hear "ARN'T YOU FREEZING?" every time I step outdoors. This spring also brings new realizations and goals for Miss Jenny. The idea of not smoking is becoming more and more appealing along with attempting to eat a little healthier. I realize that I am not in the best shape and I think my lack of quality sleep is proving this. Also the fact that I keep getting sick is a bit of a red flag.
After recently being pushed aside by two people in my life, I have decided to do exactly what I want, when I want to and how I want to. I can't handle being the doormat anymore and I won't allow it. I'm a grown ass woman with her own priorities and if someone else can't handle that, then so be it. I will bring them a big glass of shut the hell up with a punch to the nuts on the side. - Sorry, I'm a little bitter, but it's fading.

I WILL go ahead and start working on my company. They told me to focus on a realistic goal, but to me this is realistic. People run their own businesses all of the time. I DID at one point and while it is no longer in business, that was by choice. I needed to refocus on what was important and that needed to be put on the back burner. It is, however, back up front. A little switcharoo and it's in the spotlight of my mind now.

Enough with that though.

I do have a domain name now, but I have to fiddle with the site.