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Lately there has been less and less time to simply look at pretty things. Just gaze and let the creativity/simplicity sink in. I got out of work tonight after a busy day feeling drained of any real appreciation of anything. I took off my coat, made myself some dinner and decided to change that. So I've spent the evening noshing on good stuff (healthy yes! Operation Jenn is doing well...15 lbs down...) and brewing ideas for my own creative prospects. The thing is, there are so many ways you can use your talents to help others around, but it's just a matter of figuring out how to put it into motion.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite things. Not all of them are necessities by any stretch of the word, but it doesn't mean I can't look, right?

Caroline Swift's Campaign Sorbet via Design*Sponge

Tiny terrarium from John and Stacie on their blog.

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Jolie Holland - Mexican Blue
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"I'm floating with the birds
I'm talking to the weeds
Look what you've done to me

I'm still dressed up from the night before
Silken hose and an old Parisian coat
And I feel like a queen at the bus stop on the street
Look what you've done to me

It's a beautiful morning in the ghetto
Finer than the day before
The ants are crawling over my pants as if to say
They know where the honey is

There's really old roses blooming in the ghetto
Birds of paradise are taller than me
The weeds grow high, the birds flicker by
Children are walking to school

In the midst of all of this profusion
The bus pulls up to take me back home
The bus driver looks like an African prince
The babies have tears in their eyes

And I feel like a queen
On this sunny city bus
Look what you've done to me"

Jolie Holland - "Crush In The Ghetto"