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Medical Mayham

So I have been trying to get health insurance for the past 2 years after a short stretch with Medicaid. The only reason I qualified for it then was because I was under 21 and in college. You automatically qualify if you are going to college full time, which I was at that point. I wouldn't have even known about this if I hadn't had Toxic Shock Syndrome, so I guess something good came of the situation. WELL, now since I've had TSS and my other surgery I don't qualify for insurance through most private companies. I also don't qualify for state or federal insurance because A) I'm not pregnant. B) I don't already have children. C) I have a job.

So because I'm becoming independant and taking responsibilty for my body and actions, I don't matter in the eyes of the government and insurance companies.

Funny, huh?


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