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Musica Nueva

Tonight I was able to deposit my paycheck and I decided that I would get myself a new mp3 player. My iPod took a nosedive when I saw the infamous sad faced icon with a warning symbol. Deciding to stray away from Apple this time, I picked out a rather inexpensive Phillips 4 G mp3 player. I figure that since I had my iPod for a good 3 years, this one would last for a while.

It's pretty nifty and does the trick for what I want it for. I don't like a lot of crazy doodads simply because I usually forget to use them. I would much rather have simple mechanics and than bells and whistles.

Well with a new player, I decided to look into some new music.

One band that really seems to fit well in my life spectrum at the moment is Old Crow Medicine Show.

A bluegrass group hailing from Nashville, these guys have really blown me away. Now and then, I like to dip into alt-country and bluegrass and this is definitely a pool I will be dipping into regularly.

The band's website.

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