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Drugs, Man.

I have once again decided to give this whole blogging thing a chance. I enjoying writing and I'm just as self involved as everyone else on this damn planet, so why not? I have recently come by some good news so this is going to be a happy-go-lucky sort of entry.

I will be picking up my ass and moving it to Traverse City, Michigan from May 1st untill the end of August preferably. I'll be staying with my good friend Jacob and it should be a good time in general. I'll be working as a deli clerk at a local grocery store, handing out macaroni salad to the masses. So that should keep me pretty busy for a few months. Once I return, the all around plan is to head down to Kalamazoo to shack up with another one of my good friends, Allison. This isn't concrete yet, so I'm not sure as of right now. We'll work something out I'm sure.

I am obsessed with sea creatures this month in respect to my craftings. I recently made a whole sea of mini jellyfishies and now I'm planning on making a HUGE mama jellyfish to hang from my ceiling. It's going to be boss. After that? On to cuttlefish!


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