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Holy Cuttlefish Fatman!

So after many attempts, I have found a sea creature crochet pattern for a stuffed squid that doesn't look completely phallic. I would feel a little weird giving my nephew a toy that looks like a tallywacker, but that's just me., being the gem that it is, has always provided me with good patterns at a huge price chop compared to JoAnne's. I've actually found three patterns by this same seller, NeedleNoodles, and they have all been adoreable.

Cephalopods Crochet Pattern
Easily the cutest cephalopods ever...

Pattern by NeedleNoodles and here is her shop:

Some of my favorite pattern purchases that I haven't had a chance to make yet:

Spanish Lady Dancer Pattern
Aye Mami! I am going to make her and she will be named Christina, my sassy alter ego. She will sit in my car and sass at the morons that cut me off in traffic.

Pattern by melbangel. Melbangels shop:

Tea Party Set Crochet Pattern

I've started making this, actually. Instead I used an organic cotton in light blue, yellow, white and black. I can't remember what brand it is because I tend to take off the wrapper when I buy them, which is dumb. This set, in my colors, seems very Alice In Wonderland. Too bad Sandie doesn't like to have tea parties anymore...I'll find another little darlink that wants it.

Pattern by anapaulaoli, a great crocheter with a wonderful etsy store at: . I love her Katamari Damacy pattern.

Ice Cream Wristlet/Purse Crochet Pattern

These just SCREAM summer! Now, I am not a summer type of gal, but even I can get excited for the heat with these cute bags. I hate that I haven't made them yet, but I think I might have to do that tonight. I love the red "cherry" bead closure at the top! I saw a minty green yarn in my giant stash the other day and with a couple brown beads, I could have a delicious purse that will be the envy of every other dairy/mint lover. Pattern by candypopcreations and her Etsy shop is at .

Amigurumi Ice Cream Crochet Pattern
There seems to be a "pattern" in my pattern choices. I think I might have been having a calcium craving the week I bought these. Either way, these little treats are adoreable. Another NeedleNoodles creation, I can't help but want to eat these up. I did get a chance to make the popsicle as a creamsicle for a friend's birthday, but I haven't had a chance to finnish the rest of them. Again, her shop is at . You really should check it out if you have any interest in crochet or learning to do so.
Amigurumi Jellyfish Crochet Pattern
ANOTHER NeedleNoodles pattern, and just as cute as the rest of them. I have actually made this for a friend of mine, but switched it up just a little bit. I plan on making many of these!

Sweet Magnolia Scarflette Crochet Pattern
My first real wearable pattern, this was too cute to pass up really. I've started the main scarf portion, so I am well on my way to an adorable addition to my wardrobe.
Pattern by Fablehandmadegoods at .
Lyle The Lobster Crochet Pattern
Now, I have a thing for lobsters. Not sure why, but I do. They're cute in a weird crustation sort of way. I wanted this pattern to make a lobster wallet, but never actually did so. Now, I think I might make a lobster condom cozy. Cute and easy pattern. Should work up pretty quickly.
Pattern by DandelionDreamers at .
Amigurumi Boy Crochet Pattern
OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mr. Bill! I bought this for the hell of it...perhaps I need a little Mr. Bill for my car? Yes, yes I do.
Pattern by AerieDesigns at and if you love dogs, check out her site. It's a goodin'!
NOTE: All photos are property of the artists and thier shops.


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