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Well I have ANOTHER job as of yesterday...which is a thrill of course.  I also got my back paycheck and had a nice visit with my mumsy and grammie. We decided it would be a good idea to see a movie and what do they want to see? Sex In The City. Yes. Possibly one of the most awkward movies to see with your mother and grandmother. Oy. Wait, I take that back. Here is a list of movies I have seen with them:

1. American Beauty -  Great movie, but try explaining that to a confused mother.
2. Magnolia -  Strange. Frogs?
3. Something About Mary -   "OH MY GOD. WHAT IS THAT YOUNG LADY PUTTING IN HER    HAIR? Well that is just TOO much." Nothing is more awkward                                                         than  listening to your grandmother chuckle over a                                                                                 masturbation joke.
4. Sex In The City - Enough tits? I swear if I have to look at the boy/girl looking                                 redhead's  chesticles one more time I might poke my eyes out.

I am in love with the following artists this week:
1. Neko Case
2. Jolie Holland
3. Nickel Creek
4. Elton John
5. A Tribe Called Quest

That is all.


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