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A Response

 I received some not so pleasant emails from someone who found my Cozies For A Cause website. It could have been through Bust Magazine's link pages or Planned Parenthood...I don't know or care. But here was my response.

" Yo, I understand completely that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that's just peachy keen, but I have a right to my own as either don't look at the website and do your own thing, or shut your pie hole. Maybe in your opinion I am a "sinner" and I will burn in the "deep, dark depths of the Devil's underground" (your words, not mine)...but I'll take my chances. Maybe damnation isn't so bad. Hell (no pun intended), start an abstinence something productive with your passion for the lack of booty action. That's cool in my book and I'll donate. If giving 10 bucks will keep you from bugging me then it's worth it. Have a good one, bro.

I'm just sayin'.


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